What is Wallum?

Wallum is a credit card holder and replaces the traditionally big wallet with a stylish design. It is as small as a credit card, allowing you to fit credit cards and cash in a compact space. Different models of this new simple wallet are available. For example vertical and horizontal models, different colors and also textile bands, silicone bands or money clips to store your cash. The origin of the name is quite simple: Wal stands for wallet and lum for aluminium which is the raw material.

How did this project start?

This Austrian student project started during the study of Maximilian Mueller at the Vienna University of Technology. He noticed that the sheer size and weight of his wallet was getting in the way of his everyday life. He and his friends wanted something new, something simple and practical. This is how Wallum was born. He immediately had ideas forming in his head, inspired by something so simple. After designing a product on paper, he applied his skills for working with metals, to create a first prototype which was released for a Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Manufacturing Process

The products of the brand Wallum are all manufactured with high quality in West Austria at the border triangle Austria, Switzerland and Germany. High-tech CNC machines mill all needed requirements on the aluminium parts. Once they have reached their final form they get sand blasted for a rough universal surface. The last steps are anodizing the plates in different colors and assembling.